Last Act Jewellery Box

Year: 2018
Materials: oak wood
Softwares: Illustrator, Fusion360
Techniques: 3d modelling, CNC machining
Photography/styling: Idgie Pena

A study into how to use CNC technology to achieve the results from the centuries-old craft of wood carving. 

Both the box and the lid were sculpted from solid oak and the lid displays a brass piece. On the lid, the carving serves as an ornament, a prelude of the treasures kept inside. On the inside, the carved texture creates a sorting system that prevents bracelets and necklaces from getting entangled. The lines are made for bracelets, while on the top there is a curved structure meant for the necklaces, with an empty space at the bottom for the pendants. 

With this project I am looking for a new context and aesthetics where craft can exist and be made accessible.