Arc Tiles

Year: 2019
Materials: stoneware/3d rendering
Softwares: Illustrator, Fusion360, KeyShot
Techniques: CNC machining (foam and wood), slip casting, 3d rendering
Photography/styling: Idgie Pena

A collection of 3 tiles inspired by the shape of a half circle.

Looking for an opportunity to explore my interest in set design, I designed each tile for a different context.

The first has a subtle art deco inspired pattern that is perfect for the inside of a restaurant, hotel or bar. It adds character and personality and can be kept clean with ease. The second model was designed thinking of architectural projects, for facades or exterior environments. Its robust yet lean design was inspired by traditional ceramic rooftops. The third tile is a concept front store design for the Australian skin care brand Aesop. It's part of the brand identity the use of repetition and a material oriented approach, both which I incorporated in this proposal.

This project is also a first dive into 3d rendering. Even though I have a preference for working with physical objects, I appreciated the freedom and playfulness that comes from working with 3d visualisation.