Year: 2017
Materials: stainless steel
Techniques: laser cutting
Photography/styling: Idgie Pena

During my first months in Rotterdam I worked in a Middle- Eastern restaurant, where I met people from Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Morocco and many other far places of the world. I learned that Rotterdam was much more diverse than at first sight. Inspired by those experiences, I decided to research more about immigration cycles and the visual elements from the cultures that, in my opinion, are as part of Rotterdam as Dutch culture itself.

I noticed cooking and eating together was a moment of celebrating their origins, so I extended my research to restaurants and cafes from the three main cultures I chose to study (Turkish, Indonesian and the Dutch Caribbean). I also visited the Summer Carnival and an exposition of Indonesian artifacts. From the decorative elements present in those spaces I designed three patterns representing those cultures and translated them into a set of laser cut steel coasters. I chose for steel to represent the role of Rotterdam – often remembered by the high buildings and steel constructions – in bringing those cultures together.

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