Series of small projects and experimentations 

Quilting, smocking, folding, pleating.

How can yarn and needle be used to give foam different anatomies?

This research gave birth to a small anthology of textures, volumes and shapes inspired by traditional fabric manipulation techniques.

How small can a stool be without losing its comfort? This piece was born from a investigation into modular and multifunctional furniture for small living. 


Every 5 seconds, 1m3 of CO2 is released into the air or Rotterdam. As I was way of visualise this amount, we built a 1:1 model as part of an installation. The surface was created mixing coal powder and white glue.  

A visual essay on the boredom and repetition in the life of factory workers. The videos were presented in a small dark room, where the only thing to watch was someone testing bells or tightening a screw over and over again.